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Privacy Policy

We collect and process personal data about you when you:

- visit and/or register on any websites owned and operated by us (including www.lanecrawford.com, www.lanecrawford.com.hk, and www.lanecrawford.com.cn) (collectively, our Site);

- place an order with us as a guest or as a registered user on our Site;

- use a third-party service offered by service providers such as analytics companies, advertising networks and cooperatives, demographic companies, and any other third party service providers that we choose to collaborate or work with, and we obtain your personal data from those third parties;

- provide us with your personal data via: our physical stores, Wi-Fi, mobile devices, social media platforms/networks or telephone enquiries, your application for or use of our services or loyalty programmes (such as our Privilege Cards or Private Sales);

- visit our physical stores or any other of our locations and your image is captured by our security CCTV (please refer to our Closed-Circuit Television ("CCTV") Policy); and

- visit our physical stores or any other of our locations, and our data analytics cameras carry out real-time data analyses based on your image for statistical research purposes on an anonymous and aggregated basis as set out in our Data Analytics Policy. The only personal data that will be collected and processed and used to analyse pathways throughout the store will be your facial biometric template derived from your facial image (i.e. numeric information describing different facial features).

In this Privacy Policy, your personal data means: your name, email address, contact number, MAC address, IP address, credit/debit card and other payment information, gender, date of birth, age, interests, geographical location, Site usage (including browsing behaviour / activities), shopping and purchasing behaviour, your physiological data in images captured by our analytics cameras (which data will be anonymized and aggregated before usage) and security CCTV, and other personal data you provide.