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Sustainable Luxury

Sustainable luxury is on the rise and the fashion industry is promisingly working towards a greener future by embracing sustainable practices to create a new generation where innovative style and sustianability exist side by side. As the fashion industry moves into the future, our team at Lane Crawford is committed to exploring more sustainable fashion items and brands to offer you with better luxury choices.

To help you along your sustainable fashion journey, we’ve rounded up three sustainable fashion trends below.

Recycled Fabrics

Recycled fabrics have always been at the core of green fashion. Brands such as Prada, Veja, and Pangaia uses technologies to develop and utilise discarded or natural materials. Under the creative hands of designers, these environmentally-friendly fabrics have gradually transformed as one of our fashionable choices incorporated into our everyday lives.

Sustainable Denim

Although denim has always been at the forefront of sustainability issues, it also means that we have to do our part to make a difference in shaping a greener future. For instance, improvements in washing processes or upcycling attempts by brands such as E.L.V DENIM and RE/DONE have helped paved the way to create more possibilities for sustainable denim.

Vintage Remake

Each unique piece reflects the designer’s creative vision and embodies the history and story behind it. Vintage remaking is not just about giving an old piece of clothing a new lease of life, it is also a reminder that we should re-examine the past and present to create a better future.

Get started on a sustainable wardrobe and shop our curated edit of sustainable fashion items below.

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