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First Impression Counts

Outfit Ideas to Impress Your Date

In the bustling city, two souls find each other through the serendipity of a dating app. As the date of May 20th approaches, they embrace the opportunity to embark on their first rendezvous, a moment perfectly timed by destiny. With meticulous preparation, they curate their attire to leave an unforgettable impression, setting the stage for a truly enchanting and romantic experience.

Read on and get inspired on how to impress your first date, guiding you towards an evening of refined allure and timeless romance.

Jessie’s POV

Scene 1

After sending a message that says, “See you tomorrow”, Jessie pushes open the door of her room.

Jessie: I wonder if he’ll dig the dress I carefully picked out?

Scene 2

Jessie stands poised before the mirror. With each brushstroke and delicate touch, she explores an array of makeup looks, aiming to unveil the perfect version of herself for her upcoming first date.

Jessie: Hmm… I think a light makeup should do the trick, nothing too heavy.

Get inspirations for your date night outfit from Lane Crawford's selection of the Mach & Mach Collection.

Scene 3

As she approaches the shoe cabinet, her gaze wanders among the shoes that had accompanied her through countless stories/ and dates. Her hand comes to rest on a pair of red flats – that’s going to be her lucky charm.

Jessie: Gotta go for some comfy flats so I can stroll all day without a care in the world.

Get inspirations for your date night outfit from Lane Crawford's selection of the Mach & Mach Collection.

Scene 4

In the end, Jessie opted for a pair of silver high heels instead. She settled herself by the window.

Jessie: The sunlight outside is perfect. Time to slip into my favourite high heels and add a touch of romance.

Alex’s POV

Scene 2

In the expanse of a spacious and tranquil room, he finds himself lazily seated upon a chair. He delicately cradles his chin in his hand, descending into the depths of profound contemplation.

Alex: What should I wear for tomorrow’s date? Should I go for a classy gentleman look, a laid-back casual vibe, or just keep it chill with a carefree street style?

Scene 3

As Alex approaches the mirror, he gracefully shifts his stance, delicately adjusts his hair, and proceeds to examine every intricate detail of his reflection.

Alex: I’ve been feeling pretty good lately. All that time I’ve spent at the gym these past few months seems to be paying off. And luckily, I just got my haircut a few days ago, so the length is just right.

Scene 4

“I like to keep it simple.” A phrase she once uttered echoed in Alex’s mind. He casually reaches for a plain white tee, its soft fabric seemingly capable of channeling the purity within his soul.

Alex: Who could ever resist a plain white tee, right? Pair it with some jeans or a pair of dark-coloured pants and I’m good to go.

Scene 5

He lazily reclines on the sofa. His fingers toying with the bracelet adorning his wrist.

Alex: Hmm… Should I go for that minimalistic look? A head-to-toe light khaki ensemble paired with some comfy white sneakers. Seems like layering bracelets are a trend these days… think it’ll give my look a neat yet comfortable first impression.

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