There’s a quiet revolution happening in homes as designers reclaim the delicate power of pastels in everything from throws to sofas and tableware. Yet this new cast of hues - rose quartz, ice blue, blueberry smoothie and lemon sorbet - are far removed from the chintzy, saccharine image that pastels held before. These delicate milky shades impart a serene, playful aura that’s dreamy and smooth. A pastel touch is proving the ideal antidote to our jagged, sharp edged times.

Rather than confine the palette to the bedroom, think of them as the new neutrals and be rest assured they go very well with black, white, natural wood and grey. There are numerous propositions. Consider the top stitched poufs from Muuto or its handsome rose pink streamlined sofa that would look a peach with German artist Jonathan Niclaus’ Matisse–esque throw for Slowdown studio.

For instant pleasure, Florence based collective, Qeeboo has come up with the ingenious rabbit chair - ideal for children and adults too. Imagine a Sunday lunch gathering perched on these with cherry blossom and a fruit trifle on the tabletop?

There are smaller objets to admire yourself in too like the oval mirrors set in dazzling lumps of amethyst and quartz by Another Human and a rose gold coat stand by Ghidini 1961 on which to sling that Maison Michel strawberry milkshake coloured fedora hat. For once, fashion and interiors are perfectly in sync.

This sweet life really suits us all.