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Privacy Policy

The purpose of this data analytics policy is to explain the use of data analytics cameras in our stores. Data analytics cameras are used in our stores for statistical research purposes, such as demographics analysis and traffic flow analysis within our stores.

  • Collection and use of data: As noted further above in our Privacy Policy the only personal data we collect from these analytics cameras is facial biometric templates derived from a facial image - i.e. numeric information describing different facial features. This numeric information is then processed by the analytics cameras into anonymised and aggregated data for the above research purposes. All analysis conducted on the data by the analytics cameras is done in real time. No video footage, images or other personally identifiable data are stored by the data analytics system; you cannot be identified by them.
  • Security and destruction of data: We have security measures in place to prevent unauthorised access to our data analytics system. The facial biometric templates collected using the analytics camera are securely and permanently deleted within 24 hours of being collected, and only the aggregated and anonymised data is retained.
  • Notice: We notify customers and other visitors to our stores when data analytics cameras are in use by the conspicuous posting of notices stating “analytics cameras in operation” at both the entrance to any monitored area of the store and inside the area itself. Notices are also posted to alert customers if the analytics cameras themselves are very discreetly located. No analytics cameras are installed in places where people have a reasonable expectation of privacy, such as in changing rooms.

The facial biometric templates collected using the analytics camera are disclosed only to our third-party service providers who operate the analytics cameras for the research purposes stated above.