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Trail Blazers

Blazé Milano creates modern blazers for every occasion and woman

“The blazer is the most powerful garment of its time,” says designer Corrada Rodriguez D’Acri. “It embodies a new age of women where their dress code is no dress code, just style.”

Rodriguez D’Acri founded the label Blazé Milano with fellow Elle Italia fashion editors Delfina Pinardi and Sole Torlonia for “the modern woman with a taste for sustainable, well-made, wearable, functional-while-stylish fashion”. According to the founders, these women value having “something quick and chic that allows them to be presentable in every possible scenario”.

Blazé Milano’s stylistic emphasis is on adding a modern spin to the classic blazer, with new silhouettes, bright prints and bold patterns. The garment’s exact early 19th-century origins are debated, but include a scarlet-red single-breasted jacket donned by members of the Lady Margaret Boat Club at the University of Cambridge. The founders drew on this rich, if mysterious, heritage — Torlonia and Pinardi grew up wearing made-to-measure tailored blazers to compete in horseback riding, while Rodriguez D’Acri was inspired by her father’s Italian naval officer uniform.

The designers wanted to create something that women like themselves would wear. “Our professional lives were in fashion, but just like most women today, our days were filled with constant multitasking. This garment had to be for all modern women, with every type of lifestyle, no matter their job,” says Pinardi.

Functionality is a key design concern; for example, in the four inside button-fastening pockets that allow women to carry essentials and leave their handbags at home. And personalisation provides the finishing touches: “The structured shoulders, the selection of various buttons, the full detailed lining, velvet or silk piping, exudes personal taste and style,” says Torlonia. Wear it oversized with denim, a silk shirt and a pair of loafers, opt for pure linen or light wool tropicals, or try versatile wool and mohair blends to cope with Hong Kong’s heat and humidity.

“The blazer can make the simplest of outfits feel put together. It’s the most discreetly elegant garment ever made — and that’s the true secret,” concludes Delfina.

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