Image by Brendan Freeman


5 healthy intentions to guide you happily (and realistically) into 2020

Words by Bridget Barnett

If you find yourself making and breaking new year’s resolutions annually, you’re not alone — statistics show that 80% of us give up on our commitments by February. Instead of making clichéd, outdated resolutions again this year, take a more considered approach to self-improvement by setting small, healthy, and realistic intentions.

To inspire you to make healthier changes in 2020, here are five old resolutions to throw out, and five new intentions to replace them with.

OUT: I will fit into my skinny  jeans
IN: I intend to listen to what my body needs and nourish it with goodness

OUT: I will live a clutter-free “Marie Kondo”  life
IN: I intend to make more mindful choices about what I surround myself with

OUT: I will go to the gym everyday
IN: I intend to move my body as much as I can and have fun with it as much as I can

OUT: I will stick to a rigid 12-step skincare routine
IN: I intend to nurture and take care of my skin but not berate myself for days where I only have time to keep it simple

OUT: I will look amazing wearing only the latest trends
IN: I will wear things that express my personality, that I feel comfortable in, and that make me feel good


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