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Getting lucky in The Year of the Ox

Words by Bridget Barnett

PROSPERITY – an auspicious state resulting from favourable outcomes – is something we all wish upon ourselves and those we love. It’s also something that becomes even more important each Chinese New Year, as we seek out ways to harness all possible luck for the future ahead.

With traditional delicacies such as sweet rice balls and blooms like water fairy flowers or pussy willows, now’s the time to surround yourself with pleasures of the more prosperous nature. That extends to colours too, whether it be lanterns and ornate dancing dragons to your own festive wear, celebratory shades take centre stage.

At Lane Crawford, you’ll find plenty of holiday curiosities and lucky charms to stand you in good stead. From head-to-toe red ensembles and shimmery golden accents to extraordinary gift boxes crammed with wellness, beauty and edible treats, we favour good fortune and fabulous gifts for all.

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