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Together encompasses Lane Crawford’s commitment to community involvement and development to make a positive impact on society. By contributing resources through fundraising initiatives, events, voluntary work and financial support, we hope to grow, inspire and develop the future of our local community.


Project WeCan is a business-in-community programme designed to offer care and opportunities for the less-privileged students in Hong Kong. The programme was established in 2011 as an open platform for business sponsors to work closely with schools through financial commitment and volunteering support for the benefit of their students who lack support and resources.

As part of Project WeCan, Lane Crawford works with Lok Sin Tong Yu Kan Hing Secondary School to provide its students with a wide spectrum of support, care and education from extra-curricular teaching, curriculum development, career planning and work experience.


As part of our platform to foster creativity in our local community, we worked with local charity Kids4Kids and Project WeCan in Hong Kong and 365 Morning Glory Children’s Home in China, to create a programme called ‘Art for a Cause’. During Chinese New Year, we held a series of creative workshops where we invited children to design and decorate ceramic horses to celebrate the Year of the Horse, empowering them to take

positive action and build awareness in becoming socially conscious citizens through creating meaningful arts and crafts.

We also collaborated with ceramic artist Caroline Cheng to create a unique horse statuette sold in stores across Hong Kong with proceeds going towards Kids4Kids.


Lane Crawford works with brands and vendors on a seasonal basis to create exclusive products for charity. Last year, we developed a Lane Crawford Christmas hamper with a portion of the proceeds benefiting Operation Santa Claus to support the Hong Kong community.

This season, we partnered with Fortnum & Mason to donate HK$500 for each of its hampers sold to Project WeCan.

365 Morning Glory
Asian Cultural Council
Operation Santa Claus