Welcome to Lane Crawford's Creative Call out 2019

Here's a run down of what to expect and how to apply

Since 2015 Lane Crawford has been at the forefront of discovering fresh new creatives through its Creative Call Out program. Ready for Lane Crawford Creative Call Out 2019 Shanghai? Here’s a sneak peek of what’s going to happen this year!

Who’s the Angel Chen or FFIXXED Studios of the next generation? Lane Crawford Creative Call Out 2019 may have the answer!

Over the last four years, we have helped launch over 70 young labels and brands with Creative Call Out in L.A., Hong Kong SAR, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Sydney. Since then, Chinese designer brands like Angel Chen, i-am-chen and Sydney-based industrial designer Tom Fereday have launched their collections through the Creative Call Out platform, gaining a valuable jump start in their careers.

As a gateway to the world’s most dynamic luxury landscapes, Creative Call Out aims to give a platform for new creatives to inspire the market; bringing together artists, photographers, videographers, stylists, writers, and multimedia content creators together to carve out the new direction of fashion for the new era of luxury in Asia.

After last year’s venture to Sydney, Creative Call Out 2019 returns to Shanghai, a modern epicenter of creatives and tastemakers. It’s here that Lane Crawford will continue to extend an ongoing invitation to emerging designers and creatives all over the globe to submit their works and ideas; offering a unique opportunity for brands and designers across Womenswear, Menswear, Beauty and Lifestyle, as well as artistic talents from all disciplines to connect with Lane Crawford's team of experts to showcase their work.

To better engage with the younger generation of consumers, Creative Call Out has formed an exciting partnership with Labelhood, the incubator for new designers, to unearth new talent and creative energy. This means this year's finalists will be offered the chance to be featured in Lane Crawford’s storied and renowned department store as well as Labelhood’s agenda-setting boutiques in Shanghai. “The collaboration is really based on mutual passion and commitment to support emerging talent,” explained Joanna Gunn, Chief Brand Officer of Lane Crawford, sharing a vision to champion Chinese design only making this collaboration even more exciting.

In addition to fashion designers and creatives, Creative Call Out will be opening up the invitation to Lifestyle designers and Beauty brands. “Creative Call Out started with the intention of creating a platform to support emerging creative talents. It has been amazing to see Chinese and Asian designers going from strength to strength,” said Joanna Gunn, Chief Brand Officer of Lane Crawford. “Seeing so much creativity, entrepreneurship, passion and progress each year, I am sure this year will be no different.” Gunn enthuses.

“There is no fixed criteria but we do look for talents who share similar values with us, as well as someone who can challenge us with new perspectives, creative concepts, or innovative practices.” Gunn continued. “I love the energy, passion and out-of-the-box thinking that many new creatives now have. We want to know a brand’s story and how they came to where they are now. We also want to know that brands can fulfil production with a high level of quality, and we want to see open minds able to learn about the business they are entering into,” she advised.

The finalists will be offered a collaboration project with Lane Crawford or Labelhood and they will be able to take advantage of Lane Crawford’s team of experienced buyers and retail gurus to gain exposure and grow brand awareness in the ever-evolving and super competitive fashion market.

As a finalist from the Creative Call Out in 2015, Angel Chen was one of the first from a tightknit community of Chinese designers that entered the Chinese market straight out of fashion school in London, and Lane Crawford was a much-needed launchpad for her nascent brand.

Having a presence at Lane Crawford has helped Chen's brand gain traction in a consumer market that is developing a taste for local designer brands. “Chinese kids are very proud of their culture – they want to shop in China, and they want to focus on Chinese products,” Chen said. “The Chinese customer is really smart. They love logos, are hyper-aware of luxury brands, and they’re up to date on all the brand collaborations.”

To capture the attention of rising Chinese millennials, Chen’s collaboration with Lane Crawford extended beyond mentorship as her brand continues to mature, and she continues to work with Lane Crawford on exclusive capsules, and special in-store installations. To some extent, she has become the face of emerging Chinese designers in this generation.

As for designer Zhi Chen of knitwear brand i-am-chen, which launched in 2017, participating in Lane Crawford’s Creative Call Out also helped her fledgling brand find a dedicated customer base. Within less than a year of winning, not only is her brand being championed by Lane Crawford, but the brand has also gained support from overseas retailers like Machine-A and Desperado.

The winner of this year’s Creative Call Out will be awarded a Creative Call Out Experience in Hong Kong SAR to learn more about the world of Lane Crawford, which includes an introduction to our teams and business, mentorship and advisory from our team of buyers and executives, guidance on creative or business plan development, a tailor-made Marketing and Communications plan, as well as investment into three collection or creative projects.

The runner up will receive investment into up to two seasons worth of collections, or two creative projects, an introduction to Lane Crawford’s key departments, onboarding services as well as mentorship and advisory. The brand or creative will also be included in Lane Crawford communications plan across channels.

Get ready, prepare your websites, collections, and portfolios for September 6th, to present your work to our panel of experts. You could be in the running to receive anything from mentorship, advice or investment, to a covetable one year partnership with content, marketing, in-store and online support, across our stores in Asia.

Please RSVP to: with your name and contact. We would love to meet you.

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