Image Courtesy of Stella McCartney


Faux is no longer a faux-pas

Words by Bridget Barnett

Now more than ever, high fashion brands have been tuning in to truly luxurious faux leather fabrics that give the “real deal” a run for its money.

Along with being cruelty-free, the benefits of vegan leather are steeped in the sustainability movement. It may not be perfect (it is a form of plastic, after all), its environmental impact is significantly lower than that of calf leather, and thanks to advancements in innovative materials, you’ll often be hard-pressed to tell the difference.

As Stella McCartney told Vogue in 2017: “I think one of the biggest compliments is when I know people go in and buy a Falabella bag or a pair of shoes, or a faux leather skirt, and they have no idea they’re not real leather. I think that’s really where it becomes sexy. Where you’re not just providing an alternative…you’re creating a great product.”

Image Courtesy of Nanushka

Another brand quickly coming into focus with signature vegan leather pieces is label-of-the-moment Nanushka. Founded by Sandra Sandor, the brand’s leather alternative has the important sustainability and cruelty-free drawcards (it’s REACH-certified, too, meaning it doesn’t use certain harmful chemicals during production) without compromising on texture. Not only does it rival the buttery softness, it may even outperform it.

Best of all – the list of leather-free fashion choices is only on the up. Natural, rustic raffia; glitzy rhinestone mesh and utilitarian, waterproof CORDURA® are just a few design choices to keep an eye out for in 2020.

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