In an age when we send off for DNA testing by FedEx, control our environments via our devices, and flying cars are becoming an actual possibility, it seems absolutely of the time that our clothes should be made to measure to our bodies. Yet so often we put up with less.

The magic one discovers is the artistry behind every tailor’s subtle stroke and cut, making the best out of every feature while minimising those that we don’t. From the cut of a shoulder line, to the curvature of the torso, the silhouette of the leg or the specific way a sleeve is articulated, the real magic comes in intuiting our desires in cloth, colour and cut.

Long established brands including Italian Isaia and Lardini, French house Lanvin and Japanese Tomorrowland offer MTM services with their own head tailors dispatched to our stores. Whether you’re imagining over a new Glen check suit (heritage fabrics are 2018’s style update); a natty new blazer or a Gatsby-esque three-piece linen suit for a summer wedding - these technical wizards will realise your hearts desire. Book an appointment - this is real time intelligence.