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The Rise of the YUPSTER Gentleman

Spring/Summer 24: Business Casual Redefined

Image Courtesy of Prada

It’s all about being casual while meaning business in Spring/Summer 24. This season’s pieces redefine business casual with oversized blazers that exude minimalist sophistication, while playful shorts and sheer, transparent pieces add a touch of personal expression to juxtapose formal workwear with leisurely comfort and mischievous allure.

As long as your workplace attire isn’t bound by hard and fast rules, head into spring equipped with the best of Spring/Summer '24 and read on for our curated essentials below.

Your Not-so-typical Blazers

Formal suits are taken down a notch as oversized jackets emphasise relaxed silhouettes, taking a stripped-down approach to give versatility while staying just intriguing enough through relaxed fabrics and structural lines.

Formal Shorts: The New Suit Combo

A core aesthetic of the new business casual, the emergence of shorts as a formal pairing to blazers thread the line between work and play. Allowing for even greater self-expression, shorts lend a youthful approach to those looking to spice up the workwear rotation.

From Sheer to Transparent Lightness

From playful to daring, sheer and transparent fabrics have been making its way through fashion runways with its barely-there aesthetic — a way to show off some skin while remaining modestly covered for a cheeky style moment.

Define your business casual with playfulness and shop our edit of the best of Spring/Summer 24 below.

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