Make your serving ware work for every occasion

Our relationship with food is continuing to evolve: we eat the rainbow, eat local, create fusion dishes and use equipment that used to be the province of chefs. But how about making the table setting every bit as beautiful — and conscious — as the food? Creating various settings and moods can be done easily with a few carefully chosen mix-and-match pieces like table linens, cutlery, table décor and glasses. And the heart is always the serving ware: a set of basic, sustainable and well-designed ceramic dinnerware from artisanal creators like Feldspar, Wonki Ware and Bethan Gray (see her interview at LINK) can take you from relaxed snacking to hosting an unforgettable family gathering, with settings guaranteed to make a splash.

Both Feldspar and Wonki Ware celebrate the local and the handmade, and aim for a conscious design and creation process. Feldspar was started by Cath and Jeremy Brown in idyllic, rural Devon, and creates casual dining ware out of materials that are natural and local — so local, in fact, that they dig their clay within ten steps of their studio. (Perhaps that’s a legacy of Jeremy’s experience creating ethical supply chains in the fashion industry.) South Africa-based Wonki Ware also uses local clay, in this case from the Eastern Cape. The clay is sun-dried and passed through 14 pairs of hands on its way to becoming striking tableware that speaks of its earthy roots. Many of those hands belong to employees from disadvantaged backgrounds, who the studio trains to become skilled artisans, helping them as individuals and evolving the local design community.

Everyday eating

For your daily use tabletop, opt for a rustic, minimal-chic aesthetic. White tableware can appear too formal, so try a light pink or pastel plate instead, paired with bold cutlery. A delicate piece of eucalyptus makes a subtle and chic centrepiece for this relaxed, cosy vibe.

Sunday brunch

Give a weekend brunch with guests a jazzy edge with a set of graphic dishes. Add more tableware items such as champagne flutes or coffee cups to suit whichever stage of the celebrations your guests are at. Opt for playful small centrepieces such as tiny sprigs of flowers in vases dotted across the table, which also make for a fresh pop of colour. Offer a napkin for each guest and set each place with a double layer of plates to suit each course.

Family gathering

Step up the formalities with a sophisticated table setting that makes a statement and impresses the whole family. Choose two or three layers of plates to reflect how many courses you’ll be serving, delicately fold a napkin into a napkin ring and opt for fancier cutlery. You can still show a minimal aesthetic, but be sure to stick with a strong colour story. Gauze table runners are right on trend, and candles complete the ambience perfectly.

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