Sunny Side Up

Mo Chung Yan’s yellow vibe

It’s no coincidence that people with yellow auras are thought of as sunny. They’re the friend who’s fun and optimistic, the partner who’s always encouraging and supportive, the family member who’s always warm and good-humoured.

As part of our discovery of our innermost worlds, we talked to Mo Chung Yan / @ mochungyan, concept and interior designer, Ren Hang model and self-described “pet human” — the latter should tell you how she embodies this warmest of colours.

Who are you?

A creative, a dreamer, a dog lover.

What do you do?

Interior and furniture design.

What’s your definition of an aura?

Invisible energies in life forms.

How do you express yellow in your daily life?

Dogs are my sunshine. I believe I was born to help and care for others, so I always try to bring positive energy and be kind to people. Whenever I feel low, dogs are like a yellow power charger to me — I get charged and get back up.

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