Image from @brooklynbeckham


Inspiration From Victoria Beckham’s First Born

Words by Bridget Barnett

Spawn of pop culture royalty; eldest son of Posh Spice and Mr Bend-It-Like, Brooklyn Beckham might have just turned 21, but when it comes to carving out a distinct sense of personal style, he’s certainly wise beyond his years. Described as having a skater, slash British-period-drama ‘Peaky Blinders’ look, Brooklyn’s mix of boyish charm and effortless edge is something every sartorialist can take inspiration from.

For one, props must be given for not radically changing his look over the last few years. Defying the stereotypes of both fickle teens and next-generation fashion icons that weave in and out of the experimental phase, Beckham has stayed fairly anchored in his chino-tee-hoodie approach with a little fine-tuning here and there – better tailoring, a chunkier boot and more jewellery.

Image from @brooklynbeckham

It’s a subtlety that speaks volumes. From well-cut trousers that crop at just the right point to the perfectly worn-in tees and jangling rings of keys dangling off his belts that act almost like jewellery in themselves, he has achieved an acute understanding of the smaller details. This level of maturity isn’t to be mistaken for a lack of fun, there’s still plenty of cheeky youthfulness and creativity at play, namely through accessories: pink beanies, checkerboard Vans, jaunty pageboy caps and rudely coloured socks. Perhaps it’s time to take a style note or two?

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