Skate of Mind

Talking skateboards and sneakers with 8FIVE2SHOP’s Brian Siswojo

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong’s first authentic skate shop, 8FIVE2SHOP, we talk to founder — and avid skateboarder — Brian Siswojo.

On Hong Kong’s skate evolution…

“When I started skating in 1988, there were only around one hundred skaters in Hong Kong. Now there are easily around 1,000 around the city. Skateboarding culture is growing for sure — parents are very supportive of their children skateboarding, and more and more girls are into it as well. It puts a smile on my face seeing this evolution in skateboarding. Back in the day when we were wearing skate-style clothing, we got stopped by the police, giving us a hard time. Nowadays, everyone including policemen are mostly wearing streetwear or skate wear.”

On sneaker favourites and old faithfuls…

“I’m a sneaker fanatic — I love all kinds. I always go to Lane Crawford and check out sneakers, they always have some of the best selection. Twenty years ago, I wore Jordan 1s to skate, then Airwalk, the official skateboard brand. Today, of course, I’ll wear a lot of Vans because their waffle sole can’t be beaten in terms of the grip for skateboarding. If I’m not skateboarding, I like to wear something comfortable like New Balance. When it comes to more formal events I like mixing and matching. You can wear any running shoes with your evening outfit as long as the colour matches. I really like the Nike x Undercover Gyakusou collection, it’s so dope. Of course, matching your evening outfit with Vans Slip-Ons is always a good way to go too.”

On skate tips and tricks…

“In Hong Kong, just skate in any park around your apartment. Always learn the basics first — balance is the most important key in skateboarding. Once you feel comfortable on your board pushing, learning tricks will come naturally. It’s never easy to learn tricks — that’s why skateboarding is so amazing and fun. It’s very challenging, and the satisfaction of learning just one trick is bigger than anything else. I like skateboarding in Hong Kong because it’s home and I like skateboarding with my homies. That’s part of skateboarding, having fun with your homies and being carefree. It’s a great stress release.”

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