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Prepare yourself for the festivities

Self-care saviours for pre-party pampering

Before the storm of the party-filled festive season, take the time to reconnect, rebalance and re-energise. For some, this might mean sweating it out in an intense workout session; for others, it might be a moment of retreat in absolute solitude.

Read on to discover an array of tools to help you with your self-care journey. Go on, you deserve it.


For those that require “me time”, you can find that space all the more effectively with the likes of noise-cancelling headphones, journaling (all the more pleasurable with a bit of colour), or the ritual of making, and slowly sipping, a hot cup of tea.


For the fitness enthusiast, there’s nothing like sweating it out. You feel energised, healthy, strong and detoxed — and ready to tackle whatever’s looming on the horizon. Make getting into the zone even more enjoyable with a kit of high-tech gear that makes you look, and feel, your best.


This time of year, everyday mood boosters are always a plus. These can be as simple as scented candles and a fresh citrus room spray to help you relax. Allow yourself some time to unwind as you breathe in the refreshing aromas and pour yourself a glass (or two) for a momentary reprieve - don’t forget your “Do Not Disturb” sign.

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