Practising the Self

The indigo aura made manifest

Deeply imaginative. Unconventional. Lives in a dream world. Indigo is clearly the colour of the artist. And who better to talk us through the indigo aura than Sin Sin Man, accomplished artist, gallerist and doyenne of regional art in Hong Kong?

Who are you?

I think at the end of the day who you are is not about one word — humans are complex. Who am I today? It doesn’t mean that’s who I am tomorrow. But simply, I’m a dreamer. I live like there’s no tomorrow — I just learn to accept and let go. I enjoy being surrounded by nature, the most powerful and unpredictable force there is.

What do you do?

I like to learn things no matter the subject — I get bored easily if things are routine. I love to discover what’s behind things, below the surface. I also want to be useful. For me, that means I can’t help but to continue to create beauty, to learn, to live and to share.

What’s your definition of an aura?

I think it’s something like your orientation towards the world — the way you practise yourself. No two people are the same — our differences are in our beliefs and practices. Like when you go to a temple you believe and you trust — my idea is that we trust and believe in ourselves, and everybody should have a temple inside.

How do you express indigo in your daily life?

As an artist and nature lover, I know indigo as a natural dye colour that can transform many layers of a piece. It’s like nothing is perfect, like wabi sabi, but it feels so real and natural. Similarly, my idea is to be real by listening to yourself and communicating with yourself. That’s what behind my works — they’re a process of communication with myself to find out who I am. It’s like a mirror — it’s the most exciting and difficult process in a way because you have to be honest. But when you’re honest, actually you’re very happy.

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