New Year, New Vibes How to refresh your home for 2019

Hong Kong’s mistress of good energy Thierry Chow has made a name for herself by putting a contemporary, edgy spin on an ancient art. In the spirit of the new year and a fresh start, we asked Thierry how to bring positive energy into our homes in 2019.

Lane Crawford: What are some things we could all do to refresh our homes for the new year?

Thierry: Start by doing a purge! Donate things you no longer need or give them away to family or friends who might be able to reuse them. This is an excellent way to clear not only your physical space, but also your mind. The process will allow you to let go of the past and prepare yourself for a new year.

Change things up a little. Bring in new decorations, colours and textures through new objects and furniture. Trying new things can spark ideas and invite possibilities and opportunities into your life.

Think about rearranging your furniture. Sometimes we keep our furniture in the same position for years without thinking about refreshing the layout. You’d be amazed how much of a difference this can make, and it really helps to bring new energy into your life

Make old furniture as good as new. Giving an old piece of furniture a fresh lick of paint or a quick repair job gives it life again, and it’ll give you a fresh outlook at the same time.

When it comes to home decor, what are your tips for each of the five birth elements?

For wood, bring more plants into your office. Water- and soil-based plants are great for enhancing health and increasing productivity.

For fire, introduce warm colour tones like yellow, orange and pink into your home, and choose warm lighting. White lighting helps bring better energy to any space.

For water, a water feature would be an excellent addition. The sound of water running is ultra-soothing and will bring life into your space.

For metal, in my field we commonly use metal bowls for their ability to minimise negative energy. You can use one as a holdall for keys and change, and to make the most of its properties in 2019, place it in the south-western corner of your home.

For earth, crystals are earth elements, and there are many beautiful crystals that cleanse negative energy. Speak to a crystal expert and get some that are best suited for you. Again, placement is important, and in 2019 you should keep them in the east corner of a space.

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