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Achieve a timeless combination

This summer, jewellery is all about maximal statements. From stacking up pieces and matching gold with silver to the return of the chain, it’s enjoying a more-is-more moment, and John Hardy has embraced it in the brand’s latest bijouterie offerings.

Stacking jewellery gives a rock ‘n roll edge to any outfit, whether multiple rings on each finger, countless bangles and bracelets or several necklaces layered one on top of the other — and you can show off your most enviable items all at once. The trend works well with finer filigree items for a more delicate look or chunky items for a bold look, and John Hardy’s handcrafted designs for both women and men offer statement bold rings, chains, necklaces and rings that stack perfectly.

Image courtesy of John Hardy

Style guides used to advise steering clear of mixing silver and gold, but the new trends throw the rule book out the window. John Hardy’s Lahar collection is full of silver pieces inspired by the brand’s home of Bali and the wild energy of volcanic lava found there. Lahar showcases white and grey wild diamond accents and can be worn with the brand’s signature gold pieces like the Legends Naga collection.

One of this summer’s key items is the chain. Evoking a distinctly 90s streetwear vibe in silver or a 70s vintage gold chunky look, it’s back and packing a stylish punch. John Hardy’s newly released Tiga — a reimagining of the Classic Chain — comes in both silver and gold, from necklace to bracelets and rings, and can be set with diamonds and gemstones. The chains are designed in the brand’s Ubud studio and created by Balinese artisan families.

Sustainability is also in the headlines, and since John Hardy’s launch in 1975 the brand has placed eco-friendly, sustainable luxury design at its heart. Canadian John Hardy founded his studio in Bali based on its jewellery making traditions, working alongside more than 700 local artisans — including many women and people from underprivileged backgrounds, as shown in the video — to create collections renowned for evoking Indonesian culture and legends. The brand plants bamboo seedlings for every item purchased from the Bamboo Collection, its packaging is FSC-certified, and all stones, diamonds and metals are conflict-free and ethically produced, ensuring that each collection is as ethical as it is luxurious.

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