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Featuring SENTALER, Simonetta Ravizza, KRUF, and more

Image Courtesy of SENTALER

Embark on a journey into the unknown as we spotlight new brands arriving at Lane Crawford each month to give you the best chance of getting your hands on new sought-after items to dominate your wardrobe from head to toe. Read on below and explore the stories behind each new brand.

Image Courtesy of SENTALER

SENTALER – Embracing Timeless Winter Elegance

With a commitment to timeless design and superior quality, each SENTALER coat is precisely crafted with hand finishes using the world’s finest fabrics. Showcasing modern silhouettes in an array of vibrant colours and flaunting royal stamps of approval with fans in the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex, the cold-weather brand has become internationally recognised for its impeccable craftsmanship. Embrace timeless winter elegance and indulge in the luxurious classic SENTALER icons, including its signature hooded wrap coats, available now at Lane Crawford.

Image Courtesy of Simonetta Ravizza

SIMONETTA RAVIZZA – A Sophisticated and Casual Femininity

Founded in 1990, Italian brand Simonetta Ravizza belongs to a family of furriers that has provided furs to movie stars and celebrities for generation. Sophia Loren, to name names, was a loyal customer, as were Alain Delon and Mica Vitti. Sustainable luxe is the the mot d’ordre today - In little more than 20 years, founder Simonetta revolutionised fur, making it an icon garment. Simonetta Ravizza expresses a lively character through a vibrant collection of furs that perfectly combine Italian craftsmanship and cinematic glamour.
Be sure to keep awatch on the brand’s new range of cosy accessories from their signature scarves to statement bags and pouches that will become your new winter staple this season.

Image Courtesy of KRUF

KRUF – A Style Staple That Reigns Supreme Season After Season

Founded in 2009, Hong Kong label KRUF creates elegantly embellished and beautifully fashion forward designer fur pieces. Straying away from the traditional belief that fur is only worn to special occasions in the coldest winter months, KRUF seeks to reintroduce fur as a highly versatile wardrobe essential that can be mixed and matched with different forms and textures for year-round comfort. Explore KRUF’s transitional outerwear offerings, including their leather coats and bomber jackets, and you will discover a staple piece to be worn ad infinitum.

Image Courtesy of Vintage Shades

VINTAGE SHADES – The Timeless Art Of Cashmere

Vintage Shades was established in 1968 and prides itself on the continuation of old weaving and precision techniques from fiber to fabric. The result is a natural timeless product that is luxury defined. With over 50 magnificent years of experience in the Indian cashmere market. Vintage Shades has made its name as one of the best cashmere brands dealing with high quality cashmere scarves and wraps, luxury cashmere shawls, among other high-end cashmere brands. Look no further than Vintage Shades’ cashemere collection, a cosy lineup of glamorous yet endlessly wearable pieces from their fur collar cashmere stole to their slouchy poncho that encourages you to revel in the feeling of quiet refuge from head to toe.

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