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Featuring arch4, Khoki, Alberto Fasciani and more

Image Courtesy of POLS POTTEN

Embark on a journey into the unknown as we spotlight new brands arriving at Lane Crawford each month to give you the best chance of getting your hands on new sought-after items to dominate your wardrobe from head to toe. Read on below and explore the stories behind each new brand.

Image Courtesy of KHOKI

KHOKI – Japanese Fashion Casualism

Khoki’s design offers an effortless, carefree vibe. For those who wants an autumn season filled with imagination, look no further than Khoki’s collection.

Established in 2019, Khoki was founded by young members who have gained experience in various luxury Japanese brands. Since its establishment, their modern designs respect craftsmanship, they blend a wide variety of cultures and traditional techniques for their clothes with nostalgic feelings, providing a relaxing atmosphere for all. In its AW23 collection, they combine traditional textile techniques such as Quilts, Cantas and Suzani along with creative pattern cuttings to create “new casual clothing” tailored for you.

Image Courtesy of Alberto Fasciani

Alberto Fasciani – Leather Riding Boots Handmade In Italy

As founder Alberto Fasciani’s motto expresses, “Whoever wears my footwear must feel as if it belongs to him from the very first time, as if he spent his whole life with it.”

Handcrafted in Italy, its world-renowned footwear is aged and waxed using time-honoured, unique techniques that befit the ultimate in style, innovation and comfort. The Italian footwear brand embodies the essence of Italian craftsmanship. Experience the timeless allure of Alberto Fasciani footwear, including their signature tailor-made riding boots, where quality and comfort reign supreme.

Image Courtesy of arch4

arch4 – Sustainable Cashmere Knitwear

arch4 differentiated themselves from traditional brands with genderless styles and claims of ethical sourcing.

Established in 2017 in Chelsea, London, arch4 cashmere is a sustainable, luxury fashion label specialising in exquisite cashmere products. The innovative techniques used combined with the softest of textures make their products truly unique. Offering seasonally in fashion and classic styles, the signature Chunky Knit is part of arch4’s identity that creates the ultimate, effortlessly slouchy, stylish look. Explore the brand’s latest collection and incorporate these elevated knit essentials to your warm-weather capsule wardrobe that you’ll cherish for years to come.

Image Courtesy of ÉPICE

ÉPICE – A fusion of modern architecture with art and craftsmanship

Behind each ÉPICE scarf or accessory, there is a unique feeling of liberation. Freedom is a core value, and it is beautifully conveyed through this label’s creations.

Based in the fashion capital of Paris, Epice products are made through close collaboration with skilled weavers. The brand aspires to marry the disciplined and functional tradition of Scandinavia with the sublime and refined tradition of India. Danish designers Bess Nielsen and Jan Machenheaur worked together to produce exquisite, uniquely designed scarves, the thread, the colour and the association of original patterns. Add a pop of colour to your autumn and winter ensembles with the brand’s signature scarves.

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