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Photography by Ian Lanterman
Styled by Justine Edralin
Video by Kornelia Kulbacki

With the beginning of a new calendar year upon us, the mood is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. The best pairing for a positive mindset? A fresh and energetic wardrobe to match.

Mountain boots (only available in Mainland China) and sandals by sacai
Top boot by Both, middle boot by Alexander McQueen,
bottom boot by Stella McCartney (only available in Mainland China)

From first-day-of-school whites, dramatically chunky soles, and handbags that are simply fun to carry, we are all for ushering in a little newness.

Model holds bag by Burberry

Alber flat and Llasada flat by Hereu (coming soon)

And we’ll be breaking in the latest footwear and handbags during an opportunity to start afresh again: the ringing in of The Year of the Ox.

Model wears shoes by Bottega Veneta
Sandals by Jil Sander (coming soon)
Bag by Lemaire (coming soon)

Model holds bag by Hereu (coming soon)

One of our favourite times of the year, we’ll spend quality time with friends and family, feast on lucky foods – and let our accessories steal the show.

Left: Model wears shoes by Stella McCartney
Right: Bag by Nanushka (coming soon)
2021-01-27 00:02:00.0

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