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Mini-me Chic Like mother, like daughter

When it comes to shoes, not only is mini-me matching extremely adorable, it's also right on trend this summer. From laid-back sneakers to delicate heels, there’s a pair to suit every type of mother-daughter duo. Lookalike styles are a great way to bond stylistically with your child, as inspiring food entrepreneur Saloni Tejsinghani and her six-year-old daughter Sara can testify. “Both of us love to dress up, and fashion really is an outward expression of our inner state, passions and love for all things beautiful in life. Wearing similar clothes helps us bond and adds to the fun element in our everyday routine life.”

Both mother and daughter share a keen eye for style. “Pleasant colours, florals, and feminine and elegant designs are staples for us. Sara is such a little fashionista — she usually chooses her own outfits to suit the occasion. She loves wearing pretty dresses, so she jumps at an opportunity where she can dress up, and if she has an activity she makes sure she’s in jeans, shorts or something comfy.” An ideal day for this couple of cuties involves plenty of quality time together. While Saloni is busy launching her own healthy food brand, she loves dropping by neighbourhood foodie spots and enjoys shopping together with her daughter.

This Mother’s Day, share your favourite pair with your children and embrace the mini-movement!

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