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Brand stories (and designs) worth getting invested in

Words by Bridget Barnett


Images courtesy of John Lobb

The backstory: After opening shop on London’s glittery Regent Street back in 1866, this dress shoe label quickly acquired a loyal following for its impeccably crafted and classic designs. A Parisian outpost followed suit, and in 2014, designer Paula Gerbase – known for her own sleek label and masculine style – took the creative reigns as Artistic Director.

Why we love them: For giving us top-notch dress shoes that won’t ever date.


Image courtesy of Tom Wood

The backstory: Established in 2013 by Creative Director Mona Jensen, this Norwegian label creates well-made pieces inspired by Scandinavian functionality. While still new to the game, they are already one of the biggest lifestyle brands in their home country. The brand’s ready-to-wear line is worthy of your attention, but we think it’s their minimalist metal jewellery that really steals the show.

Why we love them: For offering a contemporary take on men’s jewellery that’s wearable every day.


Image courtesy of Project TWLV

The backstory: Born from the idea of creating a boot collection of 12 key styles in 2016, friends Henrik and Antonio founded Swedish label Project TWLV. Using unique fabrics like kangaroo leather, each piece is handmade with rigorous soling and welting methods by artisans in Italy and Scandinavia to achieve a seamless blend of style and durability.

Why we love them: For creating handsome boots that are made to last.


Image courtesy of Magnanni

The backstory: Based in Almansa, Spain, the Blanco family behind Magnanni shoemakers has been in the business for 60 years and over three generations. It should come as no surprise then that the label has become synonymous with exceptional craftsmanship, best showcased via their incredible Artesano hand-stitched soles – a meticulous process that takes makers years to perfect.

Why we love them: For using artisanal techniques that make each and every piece a labour of love.


Image courtesy of Métier

The backstory: In 2017, designer Melissa Morris launched her eponymous brand in London after noticing a gap in the market for luxury bags that cater to our daily use of tech gadgets. Cue Métier, a collection of thoughtfully designed, made-in-Italy leather goods that was three years in the making. Roomy, lightweight and resilient – they’re the ultimate on-the-go  accessories.

Why we love them: For giving us luxurious everyday bags suited to our 2020 needs.

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