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Daily wisdom with leadership coach Fyiona Yong

Possessing inner illumination, focused and open to higher wisdom; that’s a set of traits we’d all like to have — or at least for a friend to have and share with us! These traits exemplify the white aura, and to talk us through their role in daily life we spoke with Fyiona Yong, who’s created a company based on sharing wisdom.

Who are you?

My name is Fyiona Yong and I’m the Founder of Wholistic Coachsulting™ and a Millennial Leadership Coach (ICF ACC). I took the leap into entrepreneurship after a 14-year corporate career in a Fortune 100 company.

What do you do?

I aim to make a positive impact by helping leaders create engaged and inclusive teams through generational reconciliation, as a “Generational Bridge Builder”. I support through individual executive coaching, facilitating seminars and workshops as well as being a keynote speaker at conferences and events.

What’s your definition of an aura?

For me, it's the je ne sais quoi or the “X factor” that someone emanates. I’ve met individuals with an amazingly captivating and inspirational aura. I do believe that your aura will attract people and situations that are in alignment with your vibrations. Despite operating in a corporate environment that’s usually more left-brain oriented, I still like to balance decision making by trusting my intuition and gut feeling.

How do you express white in your daily life?

As part of my morning routine, one of the first things I encounter at the start of my day is a blank white piece of paper in my journal. I write three intentions that will make my day meaningful. Towards the end of the day, I review them and write down what made my day amazing. This practice helps me to start my day focused on key priorities and end it with gratitude. “White” means clarity and awareness to me, and my mission is to support others to gain this level of consciousness.

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