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Let’s Fly Away

Embark on a warm-weather getaway with a bag full of chic

Photographer: Stephanie Teng

Whether you’re heading to sandy, secluded shores in Asia, yachting around the Mediterranean or stopping off in Capri for some much-needed R&R, you’re going to need a wardrobe that looks every bit the part. From airport chic to pool to town to date night, we’ve got you covered.

The perfect travel wardrobestarts at the airport. This season’s top streetwear-inspired looks perfectly blend comfort with style, guaranteeing a statement entrance no matter where you’re heading.

After that it’s the perfect time to lie back and relax. Listen to waves lapping at the seashore, lounge waterside listening to music or reading a book, feel the sand under your feet, all while dressed in this season’s most enviable swimwear. Match a brightly patterned shirt with a bold pair of swimming trunks, for the ultimate in beach-club chic.

Photography: Stephanie Teng

When it's time to explore the town, check out the must-sees and cultural sights, then enjoy some local cuisine. Relaxed tailoring and sharp sneakers make the perfect choice for a day out.

Finally, catch a stunning sunset with a cocktail in hand and a sleek outfit to match, before sharing a romantic meal and winding down — or amping up — into the small hours.

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