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INTERVIEW: Father Figure

For Father’s Day, we spoke to stylish siblings Nancy and Chris Wong about their awesome dad

There’s been a lot of talk about dads in recent years, from what their role is, to how they give and receive love, to the impact of having a dad who is involved, to not having a dad at all. As a way to honour all the dads out there on Father’s Day, we asked Hong Kong-based siblings Nancy Wong, experiential luxury travel expert at Jacada Travel, and Chris Wong, business student at the University of Edinburgh, to share their favourite memories of their father.

What’s your fondest memory of your father?

Nancy: I used to have problems falling asleep as a child. I was petrified of the dark and would need some sort of background noise. My mum was a harder person and wouldn’t give in to my childish demands, but dad always had a soft spot for me. He’d put me in the back seat of our car and take me on a drive around the neighbourhood, no matter what time it was. And without fail, within the span of five minutes I’d be sound asleep and wake up the next morning in my bed.

Chris: Definitely the time I travelled with him around China. Exploring various provinces by his side allowed me to be immersed in my cultural roots — and ultimately build a stronger bond with him.

What do you admire most about him?

Nancy: Without fail, his patience, kindness and tolerance. They all go hand in hand and define the characteristics that make up my father. As the founder of his own company, and as the authority figure within our sometimes dysfunctional family, he’s the glue that holds it all together, no matter what comes his way, and he keeps such a positive attitude throughout it all.

Chris: I see my father as a role model — I admire his hard-working and committed work ethic. It definitely resonates well with me, and I’ve integrated that attitude into my own university studies.

How do you show that you love him?

Nancy: Obedience has never been my strong suit, but when it comes to my dad, whatever he says goes. When I’m around him, and that’s not very often at all as he travels so much for work, I find myself exhibiting more selflessness.

Chris: I listen to his advice, especially the life lessons he’s taught me. Whenever we have the chance to bond, we always talk about all aspects of life, like where I see myself in 10 years’ time.

How does your dad show you that he loves you?

Nancy: My dad was born and raised in rural China, so there are communication barriers. My Mandarin is basic at best, and so is his English. But we speak every day and I’ve always felt loved through his ongoing support no matter what. I’ve felt safe with him in my life and I know that he can and will be there for me when I need it most.

Chris: My father always recognises how determined and committed I am in achieving my goals. Regardless of the outcome, he’s always proud of me because he knows that I tried my best, and in his eyes that’s what matters most.

How is your relationship with your father different from the relationship with your mother?

Nancy: I could write a novel about this, but long story short, my relationships with my mum and dad are on polar ends of the spectrum. My mum rules with an iron fist, but my dad’s more of a teddy bear. Don’t get me wrong, they’re both amazing people who I love very much, but it’s clear who’s taken the good cop and bad cop roles!

Chris: I think the father-son dynamic is very different compared to the mother-son dynamic. When I’m with my mother, we tend to talk about casual topics. But since I rarely get to see my dad as he travels a lot, we definitely talk more frequently about more serious topics. That isn’t to say one relationship is more profound than the other.

What's one important lesson you've learnt from your father?

Nancy: Be kind and treat others the way you want to be treated. Without a doubt, my father’s heart of gold has been the sole contributing factor to his success. People want to be around him, people want to help him, and that’s such an asset to have.

Chris: Be persistent and never give up when working towards your goals. If you really want it, you’ll get it.

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