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Informal Beauty

NANUSHKA brings a fresh aesthetic and material approach

Clothes should elevate you, not restrict you.” Sandra Sandor, founder of NANUSHKA, is firm about her philosophy. Despite having existed since 2006, it's only been in the last few years that Nanushka has really gathered momentum, becoming a brand name that has been on everybody's lips. One of the reasons for this is Nanushka's approach to the individual — through creating comfortable, functional wear that looks as good as it feels — as well as to the planet itself, with materials such as vegan leather."

“Our vegan leather is kinder to the environment than animal leather, and it’s easy to work — it has the perfect texture for us to create our envisioned designs.” These signature designs include the Hide puffer jacket and a line of striking dresses. Natural materials such as silk and soft wool are also used in notable pieces such as the oversized, tailored Alamo robe coats.

When it comes to cut, Nanushka’s self-described “new informal form of beauty” translates to effortless chic and confident ease. As Sandor puts it, “If a garment is designed to function well it will by definition be beautiful. The clothes that we’ll keep loving and will become our wardrobe staples are those in which we really feel comfortable.”

Sandor is located in her native Budapest, an unusual location for a fashion brand, and the city’s aesthetic is woven throughout her collections. “Budapest has always been an intersection between East and West. This duality has formed our culture, personality, aesthetics and my perception as a designer,” she says. “I design for the modern human — she’s respectful to other cultures, cherishes the planet and is deeply confident in her femininity.”

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