Summer is synonymous with sunshine, beaches and the perfect windswept hair that beauty dreams are made of. But with the season also comes certain summer hair hazards, like chlorine, UV rays, salt water and humidity - all of which can lead to either dried-out, damaged strands or a greasy, flat mane.

The trick to maintaining frizz free hair all summer is to look for formulas that combat dryness and add some weight to the hair to give it more control. Opt for deeply moisturising shampoos and conditioners that give hair all the hydration it needs so it doesn’t take it from the humid air. When it comes to styling, apply a light serum or oil to damp hair, and let your hair air dry whenever you can, which has the added bonus of giving your hair natural texture with that relaxed summer vibe. And for days when you just can’t live without your blow-dry, make sure to use heat protection to minimise any damage.

If sticky summer weather leaves you battling greasy locks, it could be triggered by humidity which has a tendency of creating an overproduction of sebum. Using aggressive shampoos can irritate the hair follicles and increase oil production, so select a gentle cleansing shampoo to prevent buildup. To help manage buildup in-between washes, a dry shampoo will help soak up excess oil while giving your locks a volume boost.

For hair that can hold its own in the face of heat, humidity, and the sun's damaging UV rays, the answer is a little regular TLC. Mother Nature? Bring it.