When it comes to the finishing touches, all eyes are on the V-Zone: the prominent ‘V’ shape that your suit jacket makes when buttoned, which starts from the roll line from your lapel to the first button. Depending on whether you have a three or two-button suit or a shawl, peak or notched lapel, you will either have a shallow or deep ‘V’.

Perfectly balanced suits have an exceptionally elegant shape which is enhanced with a ‘V’ that gives the garment a considered silhouette: shoulders are strong and masculine, sleeves perfectly pitched into a high, comfortable armhole, jackets are long and lean whilst lapels sweep across the chest to add a sense of stature and sophistication.

Why is this important? The V-Zone allows an additional element of differentiation and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Trunk gives us five ideas on how to style yours.