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Sustainable farmer Jessica Naomi Fong on feeding Hong Kong

Nothing says green like nature, and those who embrace the green vibe are our own stewards of the Earth, the people who lead us to a sustainable future. They’re idealistic, patient and dedicated to making positive changes, and there’s no better example than Jessica Naomi Fong / @commonfarms , founder of Common Farms, the city's first indoor specialty produce farm. Jessica’s goal is to supply quality produce to restaurants and to revitalise Hong Kong’s agriculture through tech and sustainability.

Who are you?

I’m the Co-Founder & General Manager of Common Farms.

What do you do?

I use technology to grow edible plants locally in Hong Kong for Hong Kong.

What’s your definition of an aura?

It's the kind of positive mood and feelings you provoke and instil in the places and people around you.

How do you express green in your daily life?

Growing plants takes patience and hard work, but we persevere because it’s our mission to make fresh, chemical-free, nutritious and environmentally conscious produce accessible to everyone.

To some, farming and growing plants may not be a significant line of work, but for us, there’s nothing more important than feeding our community right and better. It’s our responsibility to produce the most delicious and nutritional plants we can, especially when we know they’ll nourish someone in Hong Kong.

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