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An age-old wellness wash

Words by Bridget Barnett

A gong bath — sometimes referred to as sound healing or a sound bath — is a form of meditation which allows your entire body to relax and rejuvenate.

Image from @reddoorsstudio

Martha Collard, the former Vice President of Wellness for Lane Crawford Joyce Group, is a cherished member of Hong Kong’s mediation community which bought the practice to Lane Crawford almost 10 years ago. More recently, alongside hosting sessions at Lane Crawford’s Wellness Room, Martha founded Red Doors Studio, a centre for calm which offers gong bath experiences in Wong Chuk Hang.

“I came to gongs through the practice and study of Kundalini yoga, the only style of yoga that has a tradition of using gongs as an integral part of our practice,” she explains. “I bought my first gong immediately after becoming a Kundalini yoga teacher in 2012 and starting playing it every day — sometimes up to three or four times — for the staff at Lane Crawford’s Hong Kong office. When visitors like the President of Tumi or the founder of Business of Fashion would come in, they all received a gong bath before leaving the office. In one case, a visiting professor and consultant had a miraculous release of chronic pain that had plagued him for over 10 years. Gone — in one session.”

Here, Martha breaks down everything you need to know about the meditative healing technique.

Image from @reddoorsstudio

What is the origin of a gong bath?

“Gongs originated during the Bronze Age simultaneously in India, China, Vietnam and the Middle East. In China, they were first used to signal peasant workers in from the fields as some gongs are loud enough to be heard from up to 50 miles away. Some of the other ancient uses for the gong include meditation, healing, communication and announcing the beginning of ceremonies. For instance, they are still used in Japan to start sumo wrestling contests, and in the West to announce listings on stock exchanges.”

What are the benefits of a gong bath?

“Sound waves can gently clear blockages to restore inner harmony, but other benefits include calming the mind and stopping internal dialogue; invoking the relaxation response; rebalancing the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies, and awakening higher states of consciousness conducive to healing and transformation. This, in turn, leaves you feeling content, clear-headed, energetic and optimistic.”

Who will benefit the most from a gong bath?

“Gong baths are an excellent remedy for anyone experiencing stress-related issues, depression, fatigue, addiction, anger, hostility, feelings of fear, separation and loneliness along with many other conditions related to the lack of balance and harmony in the body.”

How does the session work?

“All the listener needs to do is relax and allow the sound to bathe the body and carry the mind. Sessions can be held for one or hundreds, depending on the venue.”

Ready to try out a gong bath? Get comfortable in cosy, coloured loungewear.

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