Image courtesy of David Yurman

Get Charmed

Tokens of love that share sparkle and sentiment

Words by Olivia Berry

Gifting jewellery can take on an array of meanings, from the grandest of gestures to a sweet and simple token of appreciation. If you’re looking to spoil someone special – yourself included – with a gift that is worth more than its weight in gold (or silver), consider a charming charm that conveys both sparkle and sentiment.

The Gift Of: Self-Love

The greatest gift of all really is all-encompassing, and will look and feel different to everyone. For inspiration, look to timeless pieces like Buccellati’s glistening and Renaissance-inspired flower pendants, which can symbolize everything from physical beauty to personal growth. These delicate pieces are fashioned in array of colours or set with brightly hued, semi-precious stones, adding yet another layer of meaning.

The Gift Of: Companionship

To gift a friendship bracelet is one of the most universal childhood memories, but these heartfelt traditions aren't just reserved for little ones. Whether it’s a friend or romantic partner, meaningful keepsakes that hold memories or bind two people together are pieces that can be treasured for a lifetime. We love Marla Aaron’s 14k gold heart-shaped locks punctured by red rubies, and her carabiner-shaped hoops with sapphire-embellished screw-on fastenings, both of which can be added to a range of jewellery styles.

The Gift Of: Empowerment

If you’re looking to give someone a little boost, say it with a sparkly number that serves as an enduring and stylish reminder of you. David Yurman’s diamond sapphire evil eyes will keep the wearer protected by any malevolent glares; John Hardy’s silver Legends Eagle with mounted diamonds transfers the power and protection of the namesake creature, and Marla Aaron’s 14k Starlock pendant will help keep the wearer shining – both literally and figuratively.

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