Four Ways To Up Your Summer Dining Game Chef Asher Goldstein of Wan Chai Middle Eastern eatery, Francis, shares his thoughts on summer dining trends

Location: Francis

Must have eats

This summer, Goldstein says we will be eating, “Light dishes with lots of fresh and grilled vegetables, mixed with fresh herbs, grains and legumes. Expect to see unfamiliar yet flavoursome cuts of meat on menus such as hanger steaks which are one of the most tender cuts and chicken heart that are full of protein.” Other dining trends to look out for are street food inspired dishes and less formal dining experiences, “perfect for enjoying summer evenings with a group of friends.”

Star Dishes of the Summer

Summer is the perfect time for tomatoes; Goldstein adds watermelon, herbs and feta cheese to create a dish that, “perfectly balances sweet and savoury flavours. A crunchy and refreshing raw zucchini salad with grilled pumpkin, sumac and pine nuts is full of sweet and sour flavours, whilst the fresh mint adds a zingy touch”. The third dish for the summer Goldstein suggests is, “grilled prawns with spiced fresh grated tomato. By grilling the prawns, it adds a smokiness to the dish and the lightly spiced dip perfectly complements the fresh juicy prawns.”

Feast for the eyes

Before our food encounters our taste buds, we eat first with our eyes. Goldstein shares his tips for making food easy on the eye by “going for a simplistic approach with clean presentation, contrasting the colours between the ingredients and plate. Also consider the plate shape and size too, it should complement the dish without overpowering it.” When it comes to the camera eating first, Goldstein adds “fresh herbs and vibrant colours will make dishes pop in photos. Try shooting near natural light, to prevent images look too flat. Use the main feature or ingredient of the dish as the centre of attention like nice caramelised vegetables or meat that is pink inside”.

Set the mood

Creating the right ambience helps set the mood and tone of a dining table - one of the simplest ways to do this with lighting. For Goldstein, warm lighting in the daytime helps to create a cosy atmosphere, whilst candlelight in the evening gives a more intimate mood. Just like his food, the chef prefers the simple touches for his table setting; consider pastel and irregular edge dinnerware from Lane Crawford global exclusive collection, 1882 LTD, Bernardaud and SV Casa. When it comes to glassware, it’s the finer details that count, opt for etched lattice pattern from Nude Finesse Grid or Ichendorf Bambus Party tumblers with a delicate pop of colour in the base. And finally, update your cutlery with Mepra’s elegant yet simple gold-tone set, guaranteed to take pride of place on your table. All add up to cuisine that tastes as good as it looks, from every angle.

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