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Finally out of season?

Words by Bridget Barnett

With the debate over how and when collections should go public on the table, we call on designers to weigh in on how they see the fashion calendar changing post-COVID, both for their own brands and the industry as a whole.

Image Couresty of Staud, Image from

“The fate of fashion seasons feels very up in the air right now, but the rigidity of the fashion calendar has traditionally forced new ideas which tends to generate unnecessary clutter. That’s why I always seek to design in a timeless way which transcends seasons. Jewellery is an art form and I believe it should be released when it is ready, not when the schedule demands. So, my hopes for the future are to release new pieces gradually, rather than sticking to a rigid calendar of constant new collections. This seasonless approach is much more sustainable for customers and also for us as a brand. It is our way of moving away from the fast-paced fashion industry.”

– Sarah Staudinger, STAUD

Image from @khaite_ny, Image Couresty of Khaite

Khaite has always operated a bit differently from the traditional fashion path; our business is primarily focused on our direct business. Right before COVID, we were never focused on seasonal items; the brand is grounded in foundational, everlasting pieces. Therefore, we were implementing the drip model rather than seasonal. This was accelerated by COVID, and now it feels like even the way we are working with the stores is more communicative and less “wait and see”. As with everything in life, there will be no extremes, the truth will lie in the middle. I do not necessarily think that the seasonal buying calendar will change as there are many operational factors in why this is the only way to buy. A Spring delivery drops in February, it then needs to be checked in and hits the floor two weeks later. By then we are only a couple of weeks away from Spring and the customer might need some time examining items before a purchase takes place. The payment period, the markdown cadence, the human psyche – there’s a reason it was like this. However, I do think that designers have more opportunities to truly partner with retailers in a more streamlined and communicative manner on meeting the true needs of their customers. Ecommerce will provide much more insight into consumer behaviour.”

– Cate Holstein, Khaite

Image from @mervemanastir, @manu_atelier

The current structure of things will have to change eventually.  First of all,  we believe Summer collections should be delivered in Summer and Fall collections in Fall. We are planning to present more “buy now, wear now” products regardless of the season.”

– Merve Manastır & Beste Manastır Bağdatlı, MANU Atelier

Image from @byfar_official, @val_ignatova

fashion needed to change, and this was the wake-up call the industry needed. We are optimistic about the future of fashion and that it will continue to change for the better. The pandemic has shown us that with hard work you can still achieve great results no matter where you are based. We are eternally grateful that we managed to create a virtual showroom and stay in touch with our clients. It was definitely an amazing experience, thanks to which we learned a lot and grew as a brand. We strongly believe that digital is a huge part of the future of fashion, and it is something that we will surely continue to develop and implement into the BY FAR experience.”

– Valentina Ignatova, BY FAR

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