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RENÉ CAOVILLA’s couture craftsmanship gets a custom twist

Since the 1930s, Italian luxury shoemaker René Caovilla and his family have treated each pair of shoes as refined objects of art, often enchanting pairs with painstaking handcrafted details. The result is footwear that feels exquisitely opulent. Case in point: the brand’s signature Cleo style. Favoured by the likes of Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski, the statement silhouette delicately winds around the ankle with a coiled strap for the ultimate high-glamour punctuation mark.

Now, as part of a special made-to-order programme that draws on the brand’s manual expertise, Lane Crawford customers are getting a chance to customise their own pair of Cleos, from the colourway, heel size and style to the shimmering Swarovski accents.

René Caovilla’s made-to-order service will start at Lane Crawford ifc mall on May 17 before moving to Lane Crawford Canton Road on May 18, Lane Crawford Chengdu IFS on May 19, Lane Crawford Seasons Place Beijing on May 21 and Lane Crawford Shanghai Times Square on May 22.

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