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Dress Your Table

For your holiday dinner parties

When it comes to Christmas table setting, there are really no limitations on what can and can’t be done. Whilst much of the magic is simply having your loved ones gathered in the same place, part of the fun is also transforming your table into one worthy of a celebration.

Elevate your soiree hosting game with these tablescape key essentials, ready to inspire your next holiday gathering.

The Essentials

Tablescaping helps you create a setting that stands out from the crowd, so why settle for plate designs that you’ve seen a thousand times before? When it comes to crockery, white plates are a classic option but they won’t suit every table. You could consider colourful alternatives, or if you’ve chosen a darker table cover, consider unique plates with bold designs to help to make your table setting shine.

Consider Your Centrepiece

Something you always need to consider for a tablescape is your centrepiece. Flowers may instantly spring to mind and they’re a great choice, but there are other decorative elements that could become the heart of your table. The perfect tablescape needs to have depth. Opt for tall candles, long-stem flowers, and other tall elements to your table to add some height.

The Little Details

Nothing can complete a table more perfectly than thoughtful little details. Think of handmade name cards, glasses or mugs to suit your theme, folded napkins, decorative ornaments and matching placemats. Collectively, these small additions will truly transform your table.

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