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Choosing and looking after the most luxurious of bed linens

Thread count was, to many people, the preferred way of choosing bed linen, but thanks to brands such as heritage Italian brand Frette, whose linens adorn beds from the Vatican City to the Orient Express, we know that judging linens by their threadcount isn’t actually that useful. “The weave of the fibre, the finish of the material and the way the fabric feels against the skin are the best indicators of quality,” Filippo Arnaboldi, CEO of Frette explains. Fibre, finish and feel are what Frette calls the “three Fs”, and each is critical to comfort.

“Yarn quality — its strength and longevity — is dependent on fibre length. Our bed linens are crafted using only long or extra-long staple cotton,” says Arnaboldi. “Finishing gives what we call the ‘hand’, or silkiness, of a fabric. We use a signature finishing process to create a smooth and lustrous finish. And feel is the texture and weight of the finished product, determining its best use. The best bedding material is one that feels comfortable to sleep in with regard to the climate as well as body heat.”

Image courtesy of Frette

What temperature you like to be when you sleep is key when you are choosing linens. If you prefer to feel cool while sleeping, says Arnaboldi, try linen or percale. “Percale is our coolest cotton. It’s crisp to the touch and created with a close, simple weave of one thread over and one thread under. For those seeking a sheet set that offers warmth, sateen is best. It’s a soft, lustrous cotton with a loose interlacing weave in a fine, dense thread. For added warmth, you can incorporate pieces on top like a cashmere or wool throw.”

Image courtesy of Frette

Of course, individual taste plays a part in styling. “If you’re looking to create a modern bed, we suggest minimal elements such as a sheet set, pillowcases, shams and a duvet cover,” says Arnaboldi. “Those seeking a more classic look might consider adding on a bedspread and euro shams. Those with opulent taste might build on the classic look by also incorporating a light quilt, decorative pillows, a boudoir sham and a luxurious throw.”

Caring for your linens well is also crucial, especially in humid climates. “Always refer to product-specific care instructions,” advises Arnaboldi. “But in general, we recommend machine washing bed linens in tepid water with a mild, liquid biodegradable detergent without added bleach or whiteners. Dry on a low setting and remove before completely dry, laying linens flat on an ironing board then ironing. Delicate fibres such as silk, wool and cashmere should be professionally cleaned by a dry cleaner with luxury linen experience.” And when it comes to storage, says Arnaboldi, fold linens flat and put them in a cool, dry and well-ventilated area. Avoid plastic bags or boxes for long-term storage, as natural fibres need to breathe, and keep them away from direct sunlight, which can cause permanent yellowing.

Now, the only thing left on the list is to enjoy a sublime, luxurious sleep.

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