Denim Talk What does your denim say about you?

Photography by Laurent Segretier

Denim is the most classic and versatile wardrobe staple, depending on who you ask the indigo-toned creations will conjure up different definitions. The polar experiences will range from cool, durable and sophisticated to a comfortable everyday uniform, often linked with a personal backstory to boot.

When Italian brand Fiorucci, launched the first stretch denim and colourful crop tops in the 70s, it represented the disco era and a sense of joyful optimism. That same good time spirit continues for the cult brand’s relaunch this year. The disco divas have been replaced by fashion’s most well-known faces such as Gigi Hadid, Adwoa Aboah and Kendall Jenner, who are looking for a slice of disco-friendly logo nostalgia.

Fast forward to the 90s Los Angeles rock club scene, the backbone to Mike Amiri’s namesake label. The luxe- grungy, rock and roll-inspired brand began in the basement of a Thai restaurant on LA’s Sunset Boulevard. For those who like their denim a little raw, distressed and paired with vintage rock tees, checked flannel shirts and satin bomber jackets, Amiri’s creations will guarantee a dose of 90s hard rock.

Another LA homegrown brand that has been garnering attention is Unravel, the celebrity adored denim jackets with shearling collars are perfectly asymmetrical, as well as jeans with lace up details. Founded by designer Ben Taverniti, the label has become the go-to for updated streetwear classics with an uncompromising take on fabric quality. Taverniti has often referred to Helmut Lang in the 90s as a point of inspiration. Back in the day, Lang created a minimalistic, stripped back design language which is still relevant decades later. A simple white tank top worn with a pair of lightly distressed jeans translates to “I’m just minding my own business, having a good time”. That’s the beauty of denim - it can be timeless, yet a total fashion chameleon, depending on who you ask.

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