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David Yurman’s
Sculptural Jewellery

Unique pieces forged in the arts

As a form of sculpture adorning the body, jewellery can share more similarities with the art world than fashion, as American studio DAVID YURMAN’s heritage in the arts movement showcases.

Art brought co-founders David and Sybil Yurman together when they worked at a Greenwich Village sculpture studio during the area’s 1960s heyday. David had already learned the technique of direct welding from sculptor Ernesto Gonzalez, which is likened to “drawing in space”, and the dynamic duo shared a passion for creating beautifully designed, wearable objects.

David created pieces for Sybil, such as a modest, welded-link belt that went on to inspire the brand’s DY Madison collection and chain jewellery. Having forgotten to collect their wedding rings, David even soldered simple gold bands for the occasion, placing jewellery at the heart of the relationship. The two artists then began showcasing their work at art fairs nationally throughout the 1970s.

Now, David Yurman continues to create masterfully sculptural jewellery, such as its signature and timeless Cable bracelet, which was first designed in 1983. With a reputation for innovative stone cuts and non-traditional materials such as meteorite and forged carbon, as well as classic sterling silver, gold and diamonds, the brand creates women’s and men’s jewellery in a wide array of styles. Art brought the Yurmans together and forged a contemporary jewellery brand that can be worn any time from day to evening, and found anywhere from a gallery collection to your own collection.

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