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Paul Bui’s life in red

Our discovery of auras continues with everyone’s favourite power hue, red. Domain of the bold, active and passionate, red is the marker of those who live with vitality and power. Auras that are red-filled usually belong to leaders and those who are highly successful in their chosen fields – and there’s nobody who embodies it better than creative leader Paul Bui / @ paulbui. Paul currently lights up the way with his red vigor as US Creative Director of the newly relaunched The Face magazine.

Who are you?

I’m the US Creative Director of The Face magazine.

What do you do?

During the week, I create concepts for editorial and commercial projects. On weekends I’m usually at an underground warehouse rave dancing to aggressive techno.

What’s your definition of an aura?

I usually see auras on the dance floor. I can dance side by side with a stranger for eight hours, not speak to each other and feel more in tune with their aura than, say, at an intimate dinner with friends.

How do you express red in your daily life?

I love wearing red, especially if it’s a full red look. Red brings luck — it’s powerful, passionate and always makes a strong, commanding statement.

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