Said to be imbued with energetic and clarifying energies, crystals - once the preserve of hippie shops and new age quacks - are enjoying a renaissance as we rediscover the properties of minerals. There are over six million Instagram posts extolling the positive powers of rose quartz - the ‘gentle love’ stone - ‘healing’ amethyst and ‘creative’ citrine which come out as fashion’s favourites.

But you don’t have to be a fully paid up believer to benefit from the subtle magic of crystals. Smart thinking interior designers are refashioning chunks into bookends including a rose quartz and bronze pair by Another Human while clear quartz finds a new functionality as handles for a serving tray by Objet de Curiosité; the light refractive properties and crystalline structures are beautiful to behold. Add tumbler stones to clean water, or carry around in your pockets and you might feel the magic radiate all round. Our inside tip? Periodically ‘clean’ your crystals by submerging the rocks in salt water for a day or two to recharge your home and heart.