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Capsule Curation: Men A guide to timeless sartorial staples

We ask Mats Klingberg, founder of Trunk Clothiers, on how to build a timeless, essential wardrobe for the modern day gent. His work takes him all over the world, and his style has developed to suit his lifestyle and his schedule. ‘When I was younger, I experimented with clothing and hairstyles, but I always kept coming back to what I felt the most comfortable with, which is how I dress today,’ he explains. The result is a curated wardrobe of essentials that ensures he’s always prepared — ‘never over- or under-dressed’ — with outfits that adapt to a variety of settings.

The Right Fit

Find a cut that suits your body shape and stick to it. For example, ‘triangle’ body shapes (where shoulders are smaller than hips) should opt for vertical stripes and avoid roll-necks. ‘Choose clothes that make you look and feel as good as possible. Size-wise, if the fabric isn’t pulling or sagging anywhere, you’re in the right zone,’ Mats explains.

Materials Matter

Fibres are key, especially in hot or humid cities. Avoid polyester and instead choose natural, biodegradable and breathable materials like wool and linen. ‘Wool might sound hot, but a lightweight tropical wool can do a much better job of keeping you dry, wrinkle-free and cool than other textiles; just make sure the jacket or suit you’re wearing is unlined,’ says Mats.

Staple Styles

When it comes to staple pieces, Mats has a comprehensive list of basics that can be worn in several combinations: ‘a navy and a grey suit, a navy jacket, one formal and one casual white shirt, a navy and a grey crew-necked sweater, a navy tie, a pair of beige chinos and shorts, a polo shirt, black lace-ups, burgundy loafers and white sneakers.’

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