Blooming Violet

Tasha Liu of LABELHOOD on this magical hue

Free-thinking, visionary people aren’t easy to find, but when we thought of the embodiment of this violet energy, Tasha Liu of LABELHOOD @labelhood.official was an obvious choice. In just a few short years, LABELHOOD has become an integral part of China’s fashion industry. An outgrowth of progressive retailer Dong Liang, it was created to showcase the cutting-edge creative talent on the mainland, and it’s become a darling of fashion watchers around the region and the world.

What do you do?

I’m Tasha Liu, co-founder of LABELHOOD.

What’s your definition of an aura?

To me, it’s an intangible personality and character, like something inspiring.

How do you express violet in your daily life?

I think of violet as like a young girl just starting to mature, her consciousness just awakening, with a pure but cautiously optimistic attitude towards the world.

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