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Switch it up at home this season

Words by Olivia Berry

Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal, as brands hit refresh on their latest collections. From the bold n’ the bright to soft n’ sleek – whatever your approach may be to this new chapter, there’s never been a better time than now to start small (or big) when it comes to design. Read on to discover three ways that we are loving, to give your abode a seasonal shift.

1. The Hard Reset

If a long, dark winter has left you longing for a complete interior overhaul, shed those layers with a stylish shake up that’s equal parts dramatic and daring. Start strong: a lethal injection of colour (think tomato reds, burnt apricots and sunflower yellows to warm up), punchy printed pillows, pastel-tinted glass vases to store this season’s blooms and lashings of embellishment are totally transformative ways to usher in a new and improved aesthetic.

2. Back to Nature

Contrary to popular opinion, florals can still be fresh for spring, but why not pay homage to all that mother nature has to offer? Not only is it a timeless approach to styling, but the use of natural elements that echo the movement of the earth as it begins to flourish is a great way to recenter and instill calm in the home. Lovingly-crafted wooden furniture, organic textiles and pieces fashioned in muted and neutral shades are simple ways to plant the seed – and up your eco-cred at the same time.

3. Moving Forward

If spring is simply another symbolic step forward for you, align your mind and approach to design by focusing on all things contemporary this season. Incorporating boundary-pushing colour combos, experimental shapes or considered, innovative pieces that err on the side of minimalism will keep things moving on the style front and ensure your home is evolving alongside you.

Fall in love at first sight with our curation of the latest from Dinosaur Designs, Cassina, Louis Poulsen and more.

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