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Artwork by Clym Evernden for Lane Crawford


In the moment with award-winning artist and art director, Clym Evernden.

Interview by Christel Escosa

In celebration of the latest René Caovilla collection, we spoke to award-winning artist and art director Clym Evernden, who created a beautiful illustration in honour of the new season. We chatted to Clym about life in 2021, and all that he’s feeling at the moment.

Can you tell us a bit about your 2021 so far? How are you feeling, what have your days been like? As an artist, how has the past year or so affected your process, if at all?

My 2021 has started off well work wise, which I’m very grateful for. I live and work in my studio in London, and we’ve been in lockdown for the first few months of the year. I work for myself so this hasn’t dramatically changed my daily routines, however I do miss seeing friends, going to events, and travel. Although the lockdown has limited my life in many ways, I’ve actually found the time useful to explore my creativity and new ways of working. The last year has also made me consider my work on Instagram @clymdraws in a more philanthropic way; I get pleasure from knowing that my art has made someone smile, or offered a brief distraction from news events.

With the pandemic going on, and travel being curtailed, greetings from across the pond such as your illustration allow us to dream for a moment about times when the wider world was a little more accessible. Daydream for a moment: to what destination would you most like to go right now, and what would you like to be doing there?

I think ironically my imagination has flourished during the pandemic, simply because I have to imagine experiences such as travel. Daydreaming has always been very important for me and my creative process, and I think it should be encouraged even though I was definitely told off for it at school! I love Italy, which I hope is evident in my work for Lane Crawford. I’ve never visited Rome and would love to go. I imagine myself simply wandering the streets in the evening, listening to the swifts screeching around the buildings, before settling down to an al fresco dinner in a beautiful square.

What do you love most about Venice?

For me Venice is totally unique, like a rare jewel. I love how so much beauty and history is concentrated in such a small area, I think this gives Venice a kind of magic. Although Venice is largely historic, I also enjoy when the Venice Biennale splices contemporary art into the city, offering exciting and unexpected visual treats. I look forward to such celebrated annual art events reemerging as soon as it is safe to do so.

Photography by Tom Buck

What do you admire about René Caovilla?

I think René Caovilla has an innate elegance, which I find very appealing. The shoes seem to offer a glimpse of a fantasy world, and immediately suggest a golden ticket to a glamorous event or environment. The signature René Caovilla 'spiral' design encapsulates this mood, and by the most edited detail evokes an alluring feeling of anticipation and magic. I admire how René Caovilla designs have both an effortless simplicity and theatrical charisma. I think one can spot a pair of René Caovilla shoes from a distance, however the label does not scream its name via the design or branding, making it both desirable and chic.

What is your favourite thing to draw?

I pride myself on being able to draw a wide range of subjects, and I’d like to think I can capture more or less anything. However I very much enjoy drawing animals. I grew up with pets and learnt their characteristics, expressions, and antics. I love drawing an animal such as a dog using an edited series of ink lines quickly applied to paper, which instantly convey the character and attitude of the animal. Drawing animals also has a universal global appeal, I think people have an immediate response to this subject no matter where they live in the world.

What is exciting for you at the moment?

I’m excited for the projects I’ve been working on that are due to launch in 2021, including Lane Crawford. I’ve worked on a few collaborations with Hong Kong based companies, so I can't wait to see these come to life so far from home. I think there is a good energy emerging of people wanting to start new creative initiatives all around the world, and I’m happy to hopefully be part of this movement as we come out of the pandemic.

What do you find scary at the moment?

For the past year or so, there’s obviously been a large amount of mass anxiety about unknown factors surrounding the pandemic, and this is something that still unsettles me. The news changes so quickly, which gives one a feeling that anything could happen. However I think things are moving in the right direction at last.

What are you hopeful for at the moment?

I’m hopeful that having experienced a pandemic on a global scale, people will emerge with a greater sense of compassion and comradery. Not only for each other, but also for the environment.

What is bringing you joy at the moment?

Here in the UK the change of season is giving me joy every day, and is a welcome relief from the cold winter. Spring has seemed to emerge virtually over night; suddenly flowers such as daffodils and crocuses are appearing in the parks, and the birds twittering in the trees. Having been in a lockdown I’ve felt more aware of the weather and change of season. With one walk allowed a day, it has really become a make or break as to what the weather is like. Irrespective of what’s happening in the news, hopefully the warmer weather in the UK will cheer everyone up. I’m already noticing people smile more!

What advice do you have for young artists out there who admire what you do?

I think although much of what people see and admire is art and creativity, it’s important to look at your work from a marketing and PR perspective as well if you want to make a living from it. I would advise creating your own parameters almost like brand guidelines, whilst not compromising your creativity too much in the process. I think it's beneficial for a young artist to hone a signature style which comes from a place of genuine creative enthusiasm and enjoyment, and grow from there. Alternatively, I think there is nothing wrong with making art purely for enjoyment, or as a journey of self-discovery and growth, which has nothing to do with selling or consumerism. Art can be very therapeutic both as a creator as well as an onlooker.

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