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Feng Shui led-fashion

The philosophy of feng shui suggests we can enhance our luck by surrounding ourselves with favourable colours. As 2022 is the year of the Water Tiger, the overarching shades believed to boost luck are red, green, black or yellow. Each zodiac sign also has varying forecasts, and correlating hues, that are said to usher in good fortune, prosperity, and positive energy for the new lunar year.

Here, according to Chinese astrology, we present the fashion edits that could help improve your feng shui – and most certainly coveted style – during the Year of the Tiger.


This year, try opting for shades of blue, which fosters wisdom and introspection, and black, which is said to encourage reflection.


Lean into a wardrobe filled with stimulating red, uplifting orange, clarity-cultivating white, and shades of gold for boosting health.


It’s your year! Try opting for shades of green to boost healing, blues for improving wisdom and introspection, and black for reflection.


Look towards shades of yellow, which is said to stimulate health, patience, and wisdom, security-boosting brown, wisdom-infusing blue, and the contemplative shade of black.


Usher in a new beginning with growth-inducing green, clarity-cultivating white, and gold for health, patience and wisdom.


Walk into the Year of the Tiger wearing yellow and gold to stimulate health, patience, and wisdom, brown for stability, and white for precision, communication, and clarity.


Fill your wardrobe with stimulating red, happiness-boosting orange, health and patience-inducing yellow, and shades of brown for stability.


This lunar year, try shades of green for healing, blue for ushering in wisdom, and black for reflection.


Lean into a wardrobe filled with stimulating red, uplifting orange, clarity-boosting white, and gold for stimulating health and patience.


Look towards fashion and accessories in shades of stimulating red and happiness-boosting orange.


Now is the time to try shades of healing green, patience and health-boosting gold, and white for precision and communication.


Celebrate the new year by wearing green for encouraging new beginnings, yellow for stimulating health, patience and wisdom, and brown for ushering in security.

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