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A Story of Vision:

The latest luxury looks are coming to a screen near you

Words by Bridget Barnett

Beyond dressing real people, some designer heavyweights have shifted their focus to the avatars and characters of digital games and social platforms. Here, we zoom in on three places we’ve spotted the latest looks from Lane Crawford’s own portfolio of brands.

The ADA App

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Singaporean-based group Unmatereality has recently unveiled ADA, a platform offering lovers of both high fashion and interior design an innovative way to update their look. The app allows players to create avatars that inhabit personal rooms which can be decorated to their liking, and used to check out and try on pieces within a virtual closet. Not only are the clothes eerily accurate replications of the real deal, they reflect quantities available IRL. For example, if there are only 100 pieces of a certain limited-edition jacket made, you’ll only find 100 digital versions available, too. The growing list of brands signing up to be a part of the game include Prada, Balmain, Miu Miu, Thom Browne and sacai.

Gucci’s Genies

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For those unfamiliar with these hyper-intelligent digital avatars, they look and think like the person who created them, and can be incorporated into dozens of messaging apps. Users are able to communicate any feeling or thought they would have in the physical world—all the more fun when clad in designer gear. Celebrity-backed Genies has found its first ever global advertiser in Gucci, and it’s a choice that has proved incredibly popular with the company’s fans. In fact, more than half of the app’s users choose to kit themselves out in the brand’s clothing.

Burberry’s Video Game Series

Image via Burberry

Burberry has released several online games in the last year which showcase their various collections. Launched in October 2019, Burberry B Bounce saw a surprisingly stylish deer travel to the moon. Then came Lunar New Year-inspired Ratberry, where players collect gold coins and catch Chinese lanterns during their journey. Most recently, B Surf allows friends across the world to race each other on water. It draws similarities to Nintendo’s wildly popular Animal Crossing, but all of Burberry’s cute-as-a-button characters are kitted out from head to toe, of course.

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